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Who Earns the Most?

The focus on finances in the latest sports results pages has been obvious to even the most forgetful of sports 247 readers. In no small part this is because of the mass negotiations happening in Major League sports and in part because money has always been a big part of the game. When the Dodgers couldn’t make payroll and MLB stepped in, everybody noticed. When players’ incomes became a point of debate between players and owners, everyone noticed. Over the past decade there hasn’t been much of an increase for most sports leagues in terms of fans but while some teams are gathering more fans, plenty are losing fans in a bit way. If you look internationally you’ll see that soccer seems to be on top of the list of teams who are making it big quickly followed by US sports. Following are the top five highest earning teams of 2011….

1. Real Madrid: $592,000,000
2. FC Barcelona: $537,000,000
3. Manchester United: $432,000,000
4. New York Yankees: $441,000,000
5. Dallas Cowboys: $420,000,000

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