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While We Wait: NBA News

Might Kobe Bryant be following Williams over to Turkey to play? Representatives on both sides are in conversation about this very thing but no official offer has been made. If the sponsors came forward to make that happen, Kobe might just end up overseas. Turkey isn’t the only option, however. China might be a more lucrative option according to some sources; certainly they have a large market. The main concern being voiced by Lakers’ fans is that an overseas injury could shorten his NBA career.

Chris Quinn of the Spurrs has signed a million dollar contract to play for Russia in the coming year. Unlike some of the other contracts 24 hour sports fans have seen, Quinn’s contract doesn’t have an out, meaning that regardless of what happens with the NBA lockout, Quinn will play the full season in Russia. Having a sure thing is especially worthwhile for those like Quinn who haven’t been making off with millions per year in their NBA careers.

Reading the latest sports results will get you familiar with the names of the stars pretty quickly. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan are three names that dominated the headlines in their day. These Hall of Famers will soon be gracing the front covers (three separate covers will be made, one for each) of NBA 2K12, the latest version of the best-selling video game. It has not yet been announced how each of these players will be incorporated into the game.

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