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United States Will Not Bid on 2020 Olympics

Chicago, Dallas, and New York were the cities who had expressed interest in bidding for the 2020 Olympics, but that isn’t going to happen, much to the disappointment of sports 24 7 fans in those cities.  The U.S. Olympic committee was apparently unable to work out a revenue-sharing deal in time for a bid to go in.  Thus far, there are four official bids:  Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Tokoyo, Japan; and Istanbul, Turkey.  There are also numerous other potential bids from countries including Kenya, Morocco, India, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Australia, and Qatar.

Africa has never hosted an Olympics before, which makes them an interesting prospect, especially considering comments from the IOC about an African bid being a strong contender.  Cairo, Egypt was expected to make a bid, but the fate of that bid remains unknown considering the political unrest following the past year’s revolution.

If the 2020 Summer Games went to…

  • Africa, it would be the first games held there.
  • North America, it would 24 years since the Atlanta games
  • Oceania, it would be 20 years since the Sydney games
  • Asia, it would be 12 years since the Beijing games
  • Europe, it would be 8 years since the London games
  • South America, it would be 4 years since the Rio de Janeiro games

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