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Three Grand Slams in One Game!

Among the latest sports results buzzing around online today are the details of the Yankees 22-9 record breaking win. Teammates Robinson Cano, Russell Martin and Curtis Granderson each hit a grand slam, the first time that three grand slams have been hit in a single game. The nine inning game was certainly the longest of the season and was in fact only 14 minutes shorter then the longest game every played in MLB. A close look at many of the other game stats will reveal that many of the numbers haven’t been seen since the ’20s and ’30s! It was certainly not your average game.

The death of Mike Flanagan, who was honored with a moment of silence at the record-breaking Yankee-Athletics game, has officially been deemed a suicide. Flanagan, winner of the Cy Young award in 1973, helped the Orioles win the World Series in 1983 and who later became a coach and a commentator was a beloved player and figure in the world of Baltimore Baseball.

In other Yankee news, on the very day that the Yankees open a five-day series with the Orioles, A-Rod will be meeting with MLB representatives to discuss his involvement in a high-stakes poker game. 24 hour sports fans may remember the game which took place back in 2009, the illegality of which may be in question.

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