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Things That Didn’t Come As A Surprise

Sometimes the latest sports results contain surprises- upsets that nobody saw coming, feats of human skill that are unparalleled and inspiring.  Of course, sometimes, the latest sports headlines don’t contain a single surprise.  For example, is anyone really surprised that the Celtics are done for and heading home having lost against the Heat?  No, of course not.  Were sports 24 7 fans shocked to learn that Tiger Woods, recovering from multiple injuries played a 42 on the opening nine holes at the Players Championship and then withdrew from the competition.  Again, no dropped jaws.


However, in a day with no upsets, it can also be nice to hear some good news.  Johnathon Taylor, the University of Georgia outfielder who broke his neck in an in-game collision during a game against the Seminoles is now breathing on his own and has regained partial use of his hands.  Taylor’s continued improvement is a good sign for the player who says that he will one day walk again.  While most people with this type of injury to the C-5 and C-6 vertebrae do not regain use of their legs, Taylor is optimistic.  He hopes to return to class this fall.

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