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The NBA’s Monday Deadline

If no deal is struck by Monday then the first two weeks of the NBA season games will be cancelled. While disappointing to fans, players have seen this coming, and not just as a result of the past week’s negotiations. For years now players have been told to expect this kind of difficulty in renegotiation, and it is playing out exactly as some expected that it would.

In this past round at the table players were unofficially offered a 50-50 split. Some saw this as an opportunity to step down. It was an opportunity they were not interested in taking. This past year the players received 57% and their new offer on the table is 53%, which they say will put $1 million back into the pockets of the owners.

Meanwhile, players continue to sign overseas contracts. There is a wide variety of players who are taking overseas deals. From rookies to first-year players to those with eight and ten years in the NBA, you’ll see all kinds. Some contracts have outs for the players returning should the lock-out end and others are signing this year away to a team whose season is guaranteed. You might have to catch a French, Italian, Chinese or Israeli game this year to keep up with players’ stats!

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