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The Master’s on April 7th

This year the Master’s kicked off on April 7th, and so far the latest sports headlines have shown two fresh young faces at the front of the pack.  Rory McIlory, 21 of Ireland and Alvaro Quiros, 28 of Spain tied -7 and made it clear that a new generation is working it’s way into the forefront.   Americans Ricky Barnes and Matt Kuchar have worked their way up the rankings over the course of the morning of the 8th and Y.E. Yand and K.G. Choi, who began two points behind the tied leads are likely to remain in the top contenders.  Obviously, with scores updating as the games continue, keeping an eye on the latest sports headlines will ensure that you can watch these excellent golfers contend for the top spots.

In other 247 sports news, the Barry Bonds trial was turned over to the jury Thursday evening, with the defense’s story line being that Bonds never knew what he was taking, that he was fed anabolic steroids without specific knowledge of this fact.  IRS agent Novitzky, despite having earned a reputation for being quite the dumpster diver was a compelling witness on the stand.  Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.

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