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Sports fans have more in common than they may think- no matter what game or competition they follow beyond rooting for their favorite team- the wait for the season is filled with anticipation, speculation and hope for a winning season for a team or an individual competitor. When the games finally arrive it seems they are over all too quickly. To make the most of the season, die-hard fans want every aspect played out through the stats, figures, and behind the scenes insights and/or the off-field drama. These details are the ones that help to give each season more depth and interest. When you’re into the figures, you can gear up for the season early and after they are over, look back at the triumphs and the defeats- history that may predict the future of the next season. And everyone who enjoys this comprehensive experience knows that lot can happen from day to day. Multiple games at the same time, changing rosters when teams trade and cut players, and injuries means they need to be at the top of their game as well. Even the most devoted fan and champion channel changer can be challenged with the shear volume of information. The only real way to know what’s happening real-time, is to have a reliable source that gathers, organizes and presents all this in one convenient format that even a casual fan can appreciate and enjoy!

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