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Well, it isn’t like it really belongs in the latest sports headlines since we all saw this coming but technically it is news: the first two weeks of the NBA season have been cancelled, so we are likely looking at something more like a 65 game season at best. After meeting for nearly twelve hours over the weekend, there continues to be a massive divide between players and owners.

Current issues that were discussed without resolution include the luxury tax (owners want to quadruple it, players find this to be out of bounds) and the ability of teams to make exceptions such as re-signing their superstar players regardless of salary caps by doing so independently.

Says Union exec Billy Hunter, “[The owners] figure that once a player misses a check or two it’s all over. I’m saying … that would be a horrible mistake if they think that’s going to happen, because it’s not going to happen.” Players have been chiming in via Twitter to say both “let us play” and “we’re holding out” and there is absolutely no sign that anyone is thinking of caving yet.

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