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Sick of the Lockout Yet?

Surely you’re tired of hearing about the NFL lockout.  247 Sports fans would, as a rule, much prefer to hypothesize about the teams’ potentials for the coming season, not whether there is going to even be a season.  Ok, so what if we talked about the NBA lockout as well?  Ok, ok, it’s not that bad.  Yet.  In what could be a disturbing trend of lockouts and litigation where there should be games, the NBA player’s union has filed a suit claiming that team owners are not negotiating with them fairly.  In this case, the players union is seeking an injunction that would prevent the owners from imposing a lockout at the end of the term for the current collective bargaining agreement.  That term ends on June 30th.  It is assumed that the courts will move forward quickly with this given the timeline.  For now, kick back and enjoy the games.  Up next is game four of Miami v Bulls.

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