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Short Blurbs For 247 Sports Fans

After many years together, Tiger Woods and caddy Steve Williams will be splitting up. While the split seems amicable, one has to wonder how relevant Tiger Woods is, having not won an event since he made headlines in 2009 with a car crash and tales of his infidelities. Woods is currently ranked 20th in the world.

Meanwhile, there is one team in the latest sports headlines that is getting a little positive attention for a change. The Pittsburgh Pirates are doing well this season, well enough that they are leading the NL Central, in fact. For the first time in almost two decades the Pirates are leading their division and this is doing a great deal to rebuild their relationship with fans. Team president Frank Coonelly reports that the team will be considering adding players both before and after the deadline.

The presidents of all eight Ivy League schools have, with their latest agreements, put themselves in a leadership position when it comes to safety. Ivy League football teams will now be allowed only two full-contact practices per week in an effort to reduce the number of concussive and subconcussive hits. The NCAA currently allows five full-contact practices per week.

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