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Quick Picks from the Latest Sports Headlines

247 sports fans have been awaiting a jury decision on the Barry Bonds trail, but after three days of deliberation, the wait will continue.  There is no word on how long the deliberation will take.

24 hour sports coverage sometimes comes in the form of self-coverage these days.  Serena Williams, on her first day back on the court after recovering from a blood clot in her lung and a hemotoma on her stomach – and this after stepping on glass led to two foot surgeries – tweeted about her first day back on the court, complete with pictures.  Despite her absence from the court during that time, she remains ranked #1 in Women’s Tennis.

Harvard Coach Tommy Amaker has decided to stay at Harvard after meeting with University of Miami officials earlier this week.  Previously an assistant coach at Duke, Amaker helped the Crimson to it’s first Ivy League title this past season and has big goals for the future.  Harvard’s main competition (Princeton) is currently in the market for a new coach.

Speaking of coaches, the Dallas Stars have fired Coach Marc Crawford after team failed once more to make the NHL playoffs.  The Stars did have the most points of any non-playoff team this year, but that’s hardly any consolation.

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