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Quick change in 24 hour sports

Sometimes, a lot can chance in 24 hour sports news.  A team can unexpectedly pull ahead or fall behind.  That hasn’t been the case in the Eastern Conference Championship, however.  The Bulls moved from 2-0 to 3-0 and while the Pacers gave Derrik Rose a run for his money, in the end he scored well and the Bulls carry on as the clear leaders.  Rose admitted that the game was pretty rough, but at the end of the day, the Bulls are clearly still winning thanks in no small part to Rose.

Now that the wait is over, sports 247 fans have a little something to look forward to in the NFL world:  the draft.  The 2011 draft will kick off next Thursday night, continuing through Saturday.   This year the Carolina Panthers will have the first pick of the first round and the Green Bay Packers will have the last of round one.  Regardless of any season uncertainty, next week will be an exciting and interesting time as we see how the teams will fill out for the upcoming season.

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