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Playing Conditions

Predictions on how a game will go depend on varying factors, and one that is nearly impossible to take into consideration in advance is extreme weather conditions.  Depending on the sport and the location, players may encounter extreme heat or cold, rain, or snow.  Each of these changes the game in their own unique way.  Other weather conditions that may get in the way of outdoor games include fog and lightening, with more severe weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods) obviously changing the schedule rather than being played through or waited out.

Challenges of temperature:  in heat, players may become overheated and find themselves feeling sluggish on the field while cold may cause muscles to tighten, increasing the chance of injuries due to decreased dexterity.

Challenges of altitude: looking back over the years to the latest sports results, one thing is clear:  altitude definitely makes a difference.  247 sports fans that followed the World Cup may already have the low-down on how altitude effects both physics as well as the human body.  Playing at a different altitude than one trains at puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

Challenges of precipitation:  rain and snow both create slick conditions and extended rain may turn a field into a mud pit. Although this may make watching these games more interesting these conditions make footing unpredictable, and effect speed and agility.

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