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NFL: Tensions are Mounting…

With Miami up 2-1 against Dallas, tensions are mounting.  Lebron James has caught some heat in the past few days since Saturday from folks who are looking at his stats from the fourth quarter and comparing his game to Wade’s.  It may be that life in the latest sports results isn’t as kind once the big name comparisons start happening.  Regardless, if Dallas wins game four, things are going to get interested.

In other 247 sports news, the 76s talks of sale are ongoing, not that most people ever knew they were up for sale in the first place.  The Sixers are currently owned by Comcast-Spectator.  Meanwhile the Golden State Warriors are taking on Mark Jackson as a coach.  Jackson had a 17 year career, holds third place for most assists and played under five Hall of Fame Coaches during his career.  This will be Jackson’s first coaching position.

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