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NFL releasing the 2011 schedule

As of 7pm today, Tuesday April 19th, the NFL will be releasing the 2011 schedule.  Does this mean that sports 24 7 fans can rejoice in the news that they can count on football scores in the latest sports results this fall?  Sadly, no.  Still deep in mediation, neither side has come to any compromise that is workable, and it is expected that the judge’s ruling will be immediately appealed by the loser, thus locking negotiations into the court for at least another month.  This hangs over everything, the draft included, but it is necessary to plan for the season so that should it occur, everything is in place.

In the name of making plans as if the season will commence, the NFL will continue to build their fanbase in the UK.  On October 23rd the Chicago Bears will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium in London.  Well, as long as the labor disputes have been resolved by August 1st, that is.  This will (hopefully) be the fifth year in which an NFL regular-season game is played in London in an effort to connect with fans and build enthusiasm for American football.

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