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NFL Lockout Continued…

Thursday June 2nd was day 79 of the NFL lockout, making it officially the longest lockout in NFL history.   On Wednesday and Thursday, the NFL and NFLPA sat down to talk in Chicago.   The meetings were very much a secret, to the point that there were NFL owners who were not aware they were taking place.  The mediation took place in front of Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan, a federal mediator.  The results may be apparent in Friday’s scheduled hearing in St Louis to take place in front of the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals.

In NBA news, Dirk Nowitzki will be wearing a splint on his finger for game two of the finals having torn a tendon in his middle left finger.  Neither Dirk nor his teammates are showing much concern about the situation.  Dirk has acknowledged that while it might not affect his shooting too much, that handling the ball may be more challenging.  The extend of that challenge will be seen on the court Thursday night.  For now, at least, he’s in 100%

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