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NFL 2011 League Good News

Sports 247 fans are ready for good news from the NFL league. All involved, from owners to players to fans agree that the 2011 season should proceed- it’s just the how that is presenting so much trouble. Although the league is already searching out a new and friendly court venue, this morning, Friday, saw players returning to training facilities. For the first time in far too long coaches and players have been allowed to work together, and playbooks have been passed out. Some dozen Carolina Panthers players were seen entering the stadium this morning to meet with new coach Ron Rivera. Included in the dozen were Jimmy Clausen, quarterback, who is surely interested in learning what will become of his job now that the Panthers have drafted Cam Newton of Auborn with the number one overall pick on Thursday night.


Jake Scott, the team player’s representative for the Tennessee Titans has been met the past few days by armed guards, but met with an unlocked gate Friday for the first time. Now that the case is heading to the 8th U.S. Court of Appeals in St Louis, we’re all back to checking the latest sports headlines for updates. Until then, however, it’s back to the field. The longer the lockout is lifted, the better this season will be for rookies and new drafts who have entered the league in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

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