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The latest sports headlines concerning NCAA Football include:

Georgia Tech has announced within their deadline that they plan to appeal the NCAA’s sanctions which include the vacation of their 2009 ACC football championship, four years probation, and a $100,000 fine for failure to cooperate in an investigation. The incidences in question were a student who had received advance information about an interview and a student who was allowed to play despite his known questionable eligibility.

247 sports fans know that UNC is now looking for both a new football coach as well as a new athletic director. Dick Baddour says that he is doing what is best by the school in stepping down from his position, stating that he will remain in the position until the school hires a new athletic direction so that the new AD will hire their own coach rather than inherit a newly-hired coach. Baddour, who is serving the last year of a three-year contract extension will then serve out the rest of his contract in a different position.

The Big 12′s athletic directors have agreed on a one-year moratorium on broadcasting any high school content and hope to make the conversation nationwide. Recruiting and publicity certainly make the issue a sticky one for the NCAA.

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