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NCAA Basketball Players, It’s Time to Study

The game just got a little more challenging for NCAA basketball players. Instead of spending all their time on the court they are going to have to spend a lot more of it studying in the library if they want a chance to play in the tournament. The specifics of the upcoming change which has already been unanimously approved are as follows: Any team that does not have a 930 Academic Progress Rate (the rate being averaged over a period of four years) will be barred from all postseason competition. A quick look back at history shows us that quite a number of tournament winners would have in fact been barred from playing had this rule already been in effect.

One of the biggest challenges inherent in this change will be for small schools. Many larger schools have a support team in place to help their athletes perform scholastically. Without these resources, smaller schools will rely on the athletes themselves to put in time both on the court and in the classroom. This will also increase the pressure on high school students who are looking for scholarships to prove themselves academically in order to prove that they won’t threaten a team’s Academic Progress Rate. It will also be a matter of great importance for coaches to ensure that they don’t lose their chance at the tournament – student’s academic performances will reflect on them in a way that previously only their athletic performances did.

Some may feel that these higher standards will make it harder for teams to excel and will cause truly great players and teams to miss opportunities. The obvious response to that is this: we’re talking about college basketball. College is first and foremost a school wherein one learns, generally with the end goal of receiving a diploma. If that isn’t important to a player, then perhaps college is the wrong place for them.

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