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NBA Owners and Players to Be Talking More

You don’t have to keep up with sports 24 7 to know that a full NBA season in 2011-2010 is only possible if the two sides come together on an agreement sometime soon. Both the players and the owners are acutely aware of this fact, and they are also aware that the effect will be further reaching than just owners and players, but the entire communities in which the teams operate. After a six hour meeting for only the second time since the lockout began on July 1, both sides seem to be presenting a united front to the outside world despite their differences. It would seem that the value of keeping the talks at the table has been recognized. Neither side cares to comment on their position, the opposing position, or how far they are from reaching an agreement. Considering that training camp would normally start on October 1st, that means a month remains for owners and players to find a peaceful accord or begin sacrificing some of the season. Their silence outside the negotiating room is likely a good sign for progress within the room, so stay tuned to the latest sports headlines for any further announcements.

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