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Kobe Bryant is still considering an overseas season while Dirk Nowitzki has decided to take a break after his time at the European Championships. Nowitzki has stated that the NBA lockout would have to carry over into November before he would start looking elsewhere for the coming season. In fact, Nowitzki is taken more than just a few months off. In past 24 hour sports news we learned that Germany failed to qualify for the Olympics and for those who were watching it didn’t look like Nowitzki was really at his best. Now Dirk says that while he isn’t leaving his national team for good that he will be taking two years off at the very least. Should Germany try again in 2015 for the Olympics it is likely that Dirk, at age 37, will be giving it one last go.

Meanwhile, after a meeting last week owners and players are looking to meet again this week. Last week’s meeting ended with some pessimism on both sides about their ability to reach an agreement, but in fact there were also reported successes in the negotiation. The economic end of the deal as recently presented by the players was acceptable to the owners, so at least there is that! They are still working on the system as well as a salary cap. It seems the players want a soft cap while the owners would prefer a hard cap. We can only hope that this week’s meetings will bring the two sides closer to an agreement.

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