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MLB Updates

  • White Sox general manager Kenny Williams has revealed that Robin Ventura will be the team’s new manager. The offer apparently came as a surprise to Ventura who assumed that Ozzie Guillen was in line for the job, but apparently, Williams’ other main consideration was team captain Paul Konerko who would have been made a player-manager by the move. Ultimately Williams realized that Konerko would be split by the position and that the team would be better served to keep their skilled and capable captain focused on the game.
  • If you were wondering what happened to the Boston Red Sox last year, the word is out in the latest sports headlines. Apparently, there was a little too much partying going on…in the clubhouse. While we’re all used to athletes getting a little wild out there in the big bad world, it’s a whole other thing when you’ve got a trio of pitchers (Josh Beckett, John Lackey, and Jon Lester) hanging out drinking, eating and playing video games instead of supporting their teammates. Obviously, this was happening during games where they were not starting- there would have been a much bigger stink otherwise! There were other allegations that Terry Francona was distracted by personal issues, which he vehemently denies, but then, he’s moved on so it will be up to the players to prove that they can get their act together for the next season.
  • Sports 247 fans have embraced the Busch Stadium Squirrel/Rally Squirrel after the little fellow(s) made appearances at two games, including one who ran across home plate during the NL division series game between the Phillies and the Cardinals on the Wednesday before last. Rally squirrels and “Got Squirrel?” t-shirts are a new and humorous addition to fan paraphernalia this season, one which Cardinal’s Manager Tony La Russa supports because it shows the fans having fun. So far, four squirrels have been caught in humane traps and removed from the Busch Stadium.

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