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Derek Jeter may see his 3,000th hit in New York after all. Jeter, who has been out with a strained right calf began a running program on Monday. After practice where he was seen batting, doing agility drills and light sprints, Jeter told the Associated Press that “everything’s good.” Now that Jeter is back to running, he could be going into a minor league rehab assignment as early as later this week. The Yankees will likely stick to tradition and work Jeter back into the line-up slowly and carefully. If Jeter were to return on July 4th, it is entirely possible for him to become the first Yankee to hit 3,000 as he only has six hits yet to go.

On the opposite coast, McCourt has made a power play to keep control of the Los Angeles Dodgers by filing bankruptcy. The way it works is this – because McCourt was going to be unable to meet payroll and that is reason for MLB to step in, he instead took it to the courts. For those drawing a blank, McCourt and his wife are divorcing and the Dodgers are caught up in the crossfire. By filing bankruptcy, McCourt hopes to convince the judge that he should remain behind the reins, likely by demonstrating that he has interim finances that would allow him to successfully run the team while the issues are sorted out. After turning down a multi-billion dollar TV contract, there is talk that it is actually exactly such a contract that will be needed to keep the team solvent. Meanwhile, plenty of sports 24 7 fans are hoping that the court rules against McCourt. A new owner for the Dodgers could mean many things for 247 sports fans, so stay tuned.

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