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Maybe Schools Will Shuffle…and Maybe Not

While it seemed that there was a lot of talk in the latest sports headlines about possible changes coming up, like Texas A&M’s hopeful move to the SEC, it looks a bit dicey as to whether or not those changes are as forthcoming as was thought. Texas A&M’s move may be blocked by a potential lawsuit by Baylor. You may recall back when Miami and Boston College were sued back in 2003 as they tried to move to the ACC – and that lawsuit failed. That doesn’t mean that precedent is set, however, and this could go either way.

Meanwhile the PAC-10 has announced that actually, it’s just fine at 12, thank you very much. If you’ve been paying attention to 24 hour sports news for a few years then you know that the Pac-12 was recently the Pac-10 and seemingly in a big hurry to expand. They took in Colorado from the Big 12 and Utah from the Mountain West last year, and those weren’t the only teams they were after. Now that they are the Pac-12, however, it seems that they will be sitting tight and watching what happens with the Big 12 and the SEC before they decide whether or not to expand their own numbers once more.

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