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Loopholes in Title IX being Exploited

As expected by those keeping up with the latest sports results, the judge ruled and the NFL immediately appealed, seeking a stay.  So, things are still weird in NFL-land, 247 sports fans, and will probably stay that way for a while.  So, moving on….

Derrick Rose might be slowed down a bit by his twisted ankle, but chances are his real challenge will come down to changing direction quickly and having enough power in his moves.  He will be taking the court for game five and chances are with youth and adrenaline on his side he will continue to lead the Bulls forward.  Some analysts say that fans can look to Luol Deng, who played big in game one to really step up and pick up some of the slack.

In other 24 hour sports news, a recent New York Times article showed how loopholes are allowing many schools to skirt the regulations stipulated by Title IX to create ample sports opportunities for women at the collegiate level.  Even high ranking schools like Texas A&M and Duke have been shown to list male practice players as female players.  Hopefully, this will spark some conversation and debate as to how to actually move away from roster management and actually affect change in these programs if and as needed.

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