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Looking forward to football season?

Well, you won’t have your fun checking scores and watching sports 24 7 to catch highlights if the negotiations between the NFL and the players union don’t move forward. After a month apart, mediation has resumed, this time in the courts.  A request from the players union that the lockout be lifted was requested on April 6th; the ruling is due within the next week or two.  Are 247 sports fans really at risk of losing out on a season of major league football?  Actually, yes.  Because the NFL and team owners have yet to agree to terms that are acceptable to players, who would prefer to continue playing under the same contract stipulations as they have now, there is the possibility that no agreement will be reached and the 2011 season will not move forward.

The rammifications of this go far past fans, players and team owners.  The economic effect could be surprisingly large and far-reaching.  The current hope is that progress of mediation will result in a bargain that everyone can live with.  The fact that each side is still at the table is a good sign, and in the end, regardless of contract disputes, the end goal for everyone here is football.

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