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Lockout For the NBA

The latest sports results for the NBA these days just reads “lockout.” After failing to reach an agreement, lockout will officially begin when the CBA expires at midnight. This will be the first lockout since the 1998-99 season. In that lockout the season was reduced to fifty games, and was the only time that a season has been shortened because of a lockout. For those who have been keeping up with sports 24 7 this year’s lockout isn’t entirely unexpected as it seemed there was very little that either side was willing to compromise on. What does this mean for 24 hour sports fans? Well, there won’t be a summer league, there are no preseason games in Europe and what players will do about the Olympic qualifying tournaments is yet to be decided. Without the NBA, players would be on their own in terms of insurance, making injury a much greater risk.

So far, players and owners are committed to continuing negotiation rather than taking it to the courts as the NFL has done. Where it goes from here nobody knows. Owners who invest and lose money don’t just want to stop the losses, they want to make money, and NBA players aren’t interested in accepting any more salary caps than already exist. And of course, there are a lot more people making their living from the NBA then just the players, too. While speculation is already rising about which teams could benefit from a shorter season and which might be hurt by it, the real issue at hand is whether there is enough common ground between owners and players to get through to an agreement so that there can be a season. Of course, a lot more is lost if they don’t play at all….

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