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Keeping Up With the News

Keeping up with the latest sports headlines means swallowing the bitter pill that the NBA season is now going to be affected by the lockout. Training camps have been canceled and the first week of pre-season games have been as well. In order to avoid canceling season games the two sides need to have reached an agreement within the next 2 1/2 weeks or so. Some have speculated that owners would be willing to lose some of the early season games as attendance tends to be low at the beginning of the season, while others argue that since game tickets will be refunded plus 1% interest for any game cancelled that the owners have plenty of reasons to come to the table in good faith of reaching an agreement sooner rather than later.

Of course, a lack of playing time hasn’t stopped players from getting into trouble. Marcus Camby was arrested on a marijuana charge (yes, again), Tate George is being charged with an Ponzi scheme and Kobe Bryant’s assault allegations are being renewed (at a church? Come on, now!). We really do need some actual 247 sports news about the NBA, you know, the kind with stats!

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