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Is LeBron James the Next Great?

This has been a year full of commentary about LeBron James.  His decision to head down to Miami, his two-star team dynamics and more.  As the victories keep rolling in the 24 hour sports news, some are beginning to compare his stats to those of the greats – like Michael Jordan – to see if there is any truth to this “greatest player” sentiment.  At the age of 26, it certainly isn’t over yet, and Lebron is certainly headed down a rosy career path if he continues to improve as he has.
And so, here we are at game one of the finals.  Dallas Mavericks vs the Miami Heat.  Can Dirk hold his own against Lebron and Wade?  While the stakes are enormously high for all, at the end of the day, Dirk has proven his mettle this year, shown that he can be calm, in control and focused and a loss, while disappointing, wouldn’t be nearly the loss as it would be Lebron, who left for Miami specifically to win here in the finals.

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