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Hope for the NFL

It’s been well over a hundred days of lockout and training camps are slated to begin in just a few weeks. Fortunately, the latest sports headlines report that it looks like a deal may indeed be reached in time to save the 2011 season. Talks will continue this week and as of now it looks as if all sides might be able to settle on an agreement by July 21st. While many believe that the current deal will be ratified and that the owner’s meeting in Atlanta, Georgia will seal the deal, some sources also warn that the players may have made all the concessions they are willing to make.

When the lockout ends, there will be a timeline of events involving a lot of education on the new set of rules. Free agency, roster limits and all of these details will follow the ratification of the agreement. Very likely there would be specific dates so that all the roster transactions that normally would have taken place over the past few months will fit into the short time between the signing of the agreement and the beginning of the season. Sports 24 7 fans, there may be a season to look forward to after all!

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