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Game Five Results

Slightly more than 70% of teams who leave a 2:2 tie in the lead go on to win the finals.  If the numbers run as expected, the Dallas Mavericks have a better-than-good shot at winning the finals this year.  Dirk Nowitzki was in top form for game five, no fever this time, and it showed.  Scoring 29 of the 112 points to win, Dirk was certainly a key player, and one who has gotten a great deal less attention than Miami’s superplayer duo.  That’s alright with Dirk, though.  The tall German is all about results, and he’s getting them.
The Heat and the Mavs head to Miami now, and while the hometurf advantage can help, it’s unlikely that the Heat is suddenly going to develop a strong resistance to the driving power of the Mavs.  LeBron James, who stated that game five was the most important game in his career to date, did not bring it as strongly as was needed.  Dwayne Wade, who scored a team high of 23 points is clearly hurting.  At one point during the game, Wade was seen down on his back on the court with a towel over his face due to pain in his hip. With LeBron under-performing, the Heat needs Wade more than ever.   His game face is good, and reports are that it is only bruising causing Wade’s hip pain.

Is Miami blowing their chance or are the Mavericks running the show?  If the Heat doesn’t win game six, it’s all over, and the Mavericks will have a lot to celebrate.

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