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Done is Done

Now that everything is wrapped up, at least when it comes to the latest sports results for the NBA finals, we can look back and say definitively that this year, 2011, the Mavericks were the superior team.  While the Heat had the talk going, the super-star duo and a lot riding on their game, at the end of the day, that just isn’t enough.  Dirk is getting the credit he is due, and to be fair, he’s also sharing it heartily with his team.  His emotional response will not be forgotten by fans for a long time coming.
So, to recap:
Game One:  Heat 92 / Mavericks 84
Game Two:  Mavericks 95 / Heat 93
Game Three:  Heat 88 / Mavericks 86
Game Four:  Mavericks 86 / Heat 83
Game Five: Mavericks 112 / Heat 103
Game Six:  Mavericks 1-5 / Heat 95
What’s next for those keeping up with sports 24 7?  Well, more “secret” NFL talks are taking place, so this might land a deal worth talking about.  More likely then that, however is that it’s soon to be summer.  It’s time for baseball.  It’s time for looking at up and coming prospects, speculating on issues such as whether Dereck Jeter will let himself land on the DL or if he’ll push forward to get that 3000th hit in Yankee Stadium.  Stay tuned!

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