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New Coach For U.S. Men’s Soccer

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Does the name Juergen Klinsmann ring a bell, 24 hour sports fans? Those who keep up with the very latest sports results have probably heard his name recently as he has been named the replacement for coach Bob Bradley. The U.S. Men’s Soccer team needed a new coach and Klinsmann had nearly been hired twice before for that very job, once after the 2006 World Cup and more recently, last year shortly before Bradley was given a contract extension.

Klinsmann is expected to really come in and shake things up for the Men’s National Team, which might be exactly what the doctor ordered. The team’s progress has seemed sluggish of late, and while there were previously concerns about the extent to which Klinsmann might look to control the U.S. program, this might be the very medicine needed to get the team in winning shape. Certainly Klinsman has a World Cup record to boast of, including eleven goals in three World Cups, tying him at sixth on the all-time scoring list.

All Hail, Football Returns!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Well, Sports 24 7 fans, we are finally at that point. You know, the point where we can stop talking about an NFL lockout (ok, well except for this one post) and start talking about the upcoming NFL season. The agreement has been signed, the season is on, and football fans have a season to look forward to. Of course, so much of the talk recently has been about the two sides, and if you are reading the latest sports headlines, it isn’t exactly clear who won and who lost.

Actually, there is one clear loser in the bunch: rookies and their agents. The salary cap on rookies might harsh a few buzzes, but it shouldn’t be too big of an issue on the larger scale.

There are those who say the owners have won because really, how could they not? They have been planning this for years and they had experienced litigators and negotaters on their side. They also had the ability to calmly sit the season out and wait for the deal they wanted. On the other hand, there are those who feel that the players have come out ahead. It may have been DeMaurice Smith’s first time leading the players through the process, but he turned out to be quick witted and powerful in the role. Players certainly will benefit from the lifelong insurance that a job in the NFL will provide them with as a result of these negotiations.

At the end of the day the NFL is one of the few industries that isn’t held back by a flagging economy and in going forward with the coming season, many stand to benefit. The lip service of the fans being the real winners in this situation is exactly that. It is lip service and fans can ignore it because it was never about them, it was always about the money.

While We Wait: NBA News

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Might Kobe Bryant be following Williams over to Turkey to play? Representatives on both sides are in conversation about this very thing but no official offer has been made. If the sponsors came forward to make that happen, Kobe might just end up overseas. Turkey isn’t the only option, however. China might be a more lucrative option according to some sources; certainly they have a large market. The main concern being voiced by Lakers’ fans is that an overseas injury could shorten his NBA career.

Chris Quinn of the Spurrs has signed a million dollar contract to play for Russia in the coming year. Unlike some of the other contracts 24 hour sports fans have seen, Quinn’s contract doesn’t have an out, meaning that regardless of what happens with the NBA lockout, Quinn will play the full season in Russia. Having a sure thing is especially worthwhile for those like Quinn who haven’t been making off with millions per year in their NBA careers.

Reading the latest sports results will get you familiar with the names of the stars pretty quickly. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan are three names that dominated the headlines in their day. These Hall of Famers will soon be gracing the front covers (three separate covers will be made, one for each) of NBA 2K12, the latest version of the best-selling video game. It has not yet been announced how each of these players will be incorporated into the game.

Short Blurbs For 247 Sports Fans

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

After many years together, Tiger Woods and caddy Steve Williams will be splitting up. While the split seems amicable, one has to wonder how relevant Tiger Woods is, having not won an event since he made headlines in 2009 with a car crash and tales of his infidelities. Woods is currently ranked 20th in the world.

Meanwhile, there is one team in the latest sports headlines that is getting a little positive attention for a change. The Pittsburgh Pirates are doing well this season, well enough that they are leading the NL Central, in fact. For the first time in almost two decades the Pirates are leading their division and this is doing a great deal to rebuild their relationship with fans. Team president Frank Coonelly reports that the team will be considering adding players both before and after the deadline.

The presidents of all eight Ivy League schools have, with their latest agreements, put themselves in a leadership position when it comes to safety. Ivy League football teams will now be allowed only two full-contact practices per week in an effort to reduce the number of concussive and subconcussive hits. The NCAA currently allows five full-contact practices per week.

NBA News

Friday, July 15th, 2011

1. Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets is expected to retire, which could mean that the NBA’s recent Chinese market may be diminishing in the near future. Sports fans on Chinese websites certainly indicated that they would have much less interest in watching NBA games without Ming. Ming was the top overall pick in the 2002 draft and played an impressive first few years but has had numerous injuries which benched him more often than not the past two years. Perhaps the biggest legacy he leaves behind is the international interest he brought to NBA basketball.

2. Are more players looking at their options for playing abroad these days? Devon Williams of the New Jersey Nets is already planning to play in Turkey during the lockout, and while he plans to return to the NBA if the lockout is ended in a timely fashion he has told interviewers that he thinks playing abroad could be an appealing permanent shift for some players. Darius Songaila has also signed on with Turkey and Toronto Raiders Sonny Weems has signed up to play for a year with Zalgiris Kaunas of Lithuania to avoid potentially sitting out a year due to the NBA lockout. Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls will be playing for France in the upcoming European Championships and will be there for at least for two months.

3. Armen “The Hammer,” Gilliam died while playing a pick-up game of basketball in Pittsburg at the age of 47. Gilliam played thirteen seasons in the NBA. He played for the Phoenix Suns, the Charlotte Hornets, the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Nets, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Utah Jazz.

Hope for the NFL

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

It’s been well over a hundred days of lockout and training camps are slated to begin in just a few weeks. Fortunately, the latest sports headlines report that it looks like a deal may indeed be reached in time to save the 2011 season. Talks will continue this week and as of now it looks as if all sides might be able to settle on an agreement by July 21st. While many believe that the current deal will be ratified and that the owner’s meeting in Atlanta, Georgia will seal the deal, some sources also warn that the players may have made all the concessions they are willing to make.

When the lockout ends, there will be a timeline of events involving a lot of education on the new set of rules. Free agency, roster limits and all of these details will follow the ratification of the agreement. Very likely there would be specific dates so that all the roster transactions that normally would have taken place over the past few months will fit into the short time between the signing of the agreement and the beginning of the season. Sports 24 7 fans, there may be a season to look forward to after all!

Fan Falls to Death at Texas Rangers Game

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Shannon Scott, a 39 year-old Rangers fan and firefighter fell from the stands to his death after trying to catch a foul ball that Rangers pitcher Josh Hamilton threw up to the stands. Hamilton, himself a father, is absolutely devastated by the turn of events, especially the fact that Scott’s son was present at the game. A difficult situation for all, and certainly a loss that will be grieved.

The dangers of sports aren’t unknown to sports 247 fans, although usually the danger is to the players, not the fans. Earlier this summer, tragedy struck at a Little League game when a thirteen year-old player was struck by a ball that hit directly over his heart, stopping his heart in a fatal accident. The latest sports headlines at the time reported that Hayden Walton had turned to bunt and was hit in the chest by the inside pitch.

Basketball: At Least Somebody Gets to Play

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Here it is July, and what are we missing in the latest sports headlines? Well, basketball, and not because the playoffs are over and the drafts are complete and all the teams are tucked away in practice leaving us to contemplate the coming year’s season. It is July, and the free agency period did not come. Free agents may be the first casualty of the lockout, but Hall of Fame player Charles Barkely has stated that he does not believe there will be a season at all. Dreary, right?

Of course, not every player is sitting out the season. Here’s a unique story: those 247 sports fans who follow college basketball may remember Jon Scheyer. A former Duke Blue Devil, Sheyer led his team to a national championship in 2010 and received high praise from Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski who said that Scheyer was one of the best players he has ever coached. Notable, to say the least. Scheyer was passed over in the draft and later suffered an eye injury during the Miami Heat’s summer league. The story isn’t over for our former Blue Devil guard, however. Scheyer will not only be changing teams, he’ll be changing countries. Maccabi Tel Aviv is a team with five European championship titles who lost only a single game in their last season. While they do have a cap on the number of foreign players they can have on their team, Scheyer won’t count among them due to the fact that he qualifies for citizenship based on his religion. Those who have been following Scheyer’s progress as a player will now have to look for the latest sports results from the international playing field.