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NFL 2011 League Good News

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Sports 247 fans are ready for good news from the NFL league. All involved, from owners to players to fans agree that the 2011 season should proceed- it’s just the how that is presenting so much trouble. Although the league is already searching out a new and friendly court venue, this morning, Friday, saw players returning to training facilities. For the first time in far too long coaches and players have been allowed to work together, and playbooks have been passed out. Some dozen Carolina Panthers players were seen entering the stadium this morning to meet with new coach Ron Rivera. Included in the dozen were Jimmy Clausen, quarterback, who is surely interested in learning what will become of his job now that the Panthers have drafted Cam Newton of Auborn with the number one overall pick on Thursday night.


Jake Scott, the team player’s representative for the Tennessee Titans has been met the past few days by armed guards, but met with an unlocked gate Friday for the first time. Now that the case is heading to the 8th U.S. Court of Appeals in St Louis, we’re all back to checking the latest sports headlines for updates. Until then, however, it’s back to the field. The longer the lockout is lifted, the better this season will be for rookies and new drafts who have entered the league in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Loopholes in Title IX being Exploited

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

As expected by those keeping up with the latest sports results, the judge ruled and the NFL immediately appealed, seeking a stay.  So, things are still weird in NFL-land, 247 sports fans, and will probably stay that way for a while.  So, moving on….

Derrick Rose might be slowed down a bit by his twisted ankle, but chances are his real challenge will come down to changing direction quickly and having enough power in his moves.  He will be taking the court for game five and chances are with youth and adrenaline on his side he will continue to lead the Bulls forward.  Some analysts say that fans can look to Luol Deng, who played big in game one to really step up and pick up some of the slack.

In other 24 hour sports news, a recent New York Times article showed how loopholes are allowing many schools to skirt the regulations stipulated by Title IX to create ample sports opportunities for women at the collegiate level.  Even high ranking schools like Texas A&M and Duke have been shown to list male practice players as female players.  Hopefully, this will spark some conversation and debate as to how to actually move away from roster management and actually affect change in these programs if and as needed.

Quick change in 24 hour sports

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Sometimes, a lot can chance in 24 hour sports news.  A team can unexpectedly pull ahead or fall behind.  That hasn’t been the case in the Eastern Conference Championship, however.  The Bulls moved from 2-0 to 3-0 and while the Pacers gave Derrik Rose a run for his money, in the end he scored well and the Bulls carry on as the clear leaders.  Rose admitted that the game was pretty rough, but at the end of the day, the Bulls are clearly still winning thanks in no small part to Rose.

Now that the wait is over, sports 247 fans have a little something to look forward to in the NFL world:  the draft.  The 2011 draft will kick off next Thursday night, continuing through Saturday.   This year the Carolina Panthers will have the first pick of the first round and the Green Bay Packers will have the last of round one.  Regardless of any season uncertainty, next week will be an exciting and interesting time as we see how the teams will fill out for the upcoming season.

NFL releasing the 2011 schedule

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

As of 7pm today, Tuesday April 19th, the NFL will be releasing the 2011 schedule.  Does this mean that sports 24 7 fans can rejoice in the news that they can count on football scores in the latest sports results this fall?  Sadly, no.  Still deep in mediation, neither side has come to any compromise that is workable, and it is expected that the judge’s ruling will be immediately appealed by the loser, thus locking negotiations into the court for at least another month.  This hangs over everything, the draft included, but it is necessary to plan for the season so that should it occur, everything is in place.

In the name of making plans as if the season will commence, the NFL will continue to build their fanbase in the UK.  On October 23rd the Chicago Bears will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium in London.  Well, as long as the labor disputes have been resolved by August 1st, that is.  This will (hopefully) be the fifth year in which an NFL regular-season game is played in London in an effort to connect with fans and build enthusiasm for American football.

Looking forward to football season?

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Well, you won’t have your fun checking scores and watching sports 24 7 to catch highlights if the negotiations between the NFL and the players union don’t move forward. After a month apart, mediation has resumed, this time in the courts.  A request from the players union that the lockout be lifted was requested on April 6th; the ruling is due within the next week or two.  Are 247 sports fans really at risk of losing out on a season of major league football?  Actually, yes.  Because the NFL and team owners have yet to agree to terms that are acceptable to players, who would prefer to continue playing under the same contract stipulations as they have now, there is the possibility that no agreement will be reached and the 2011 season will not move forward.

The rammifications of this go far past fans, players and team owners.  The economic effect could be surprisingly large and far-reaching.  The current hope is that progress of mediation will result in a bargain that everyone can live with.  The fact that each side is still at the table is a good sign, and in the end, regardless of contract disputes, the end goal for everyone here is football.

Quick Picks from the Latest Sports Headlines

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

247 sports fans have been awaiting a jury decision on the Barry Bonds trail, but after three days of deliberation, the wait will continue.  There is no word on how long the deliberation will take.

24 hour sports coverage sometimes comes in the form of self-coverage these days.  Serena Williams, on her first day back on the court after recovering from a blood clot in her lung and a hemotoma on her stomach – and this after stepping on glass led to two foot surgeries – tweeted about her first day back on the court, complete with pictures.  Despite her absence from the court during that time, she remains ranked #1 in Women’s Tennis.

Harvard Coach Tommy Amaker has decided to stay at Harvard after meeting with University of Miami officials earlier this week.  Previously an assistant coach at Duke, Amaker helped the Crimson to it’s first Ivy League title this past season and has big goals for the future.  Harvard’s main competition (Princeton) is currently in the market for a new coach.

Speaking of coaches, the Dallas Stars have fired Coach Marc Crawford after team failed once more to make the NHL playoffs.  The Stars did have the most points of any non-playoff team this year, but that’s hardly any consolation.

The Master’s on April 7th

Friday, April 8th, 2011

This year the Master’s kicked off on April 7th, and so far the latest sports headlines have shown two fresh young faces at the front of the pack.  Rory McIlory, 21 of Ireland and Alvaro Quiros, 28 of Spain tied -7 and made it clear that a new generation is working it’s way into the forefront.   Americans Ricky Barnes and Matt Kuchar have worked their way up the rankings over the course of the morning of the 8th and Y.E. Yand and K.G. Choi, who began two points behind the tied leads are likely to remain in the top contenders.  Obviously, with scores updating as the games continue, keeping an eye on the latest sports headlines will ensure that you can watch these excellent golfers contend for the top spots.

In other 247 sports news, the Barry Bonds trial was turned over to the jury Thursday evening, with the defense’s story line being that Bonds never knew what he was taking, that he was fed anabolic steroids without specific knowledge of this fact.  IRS agent Novitzky, despite having earned a reputation for being quite the dumpster diver was a compelling witness on the stand.  Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.