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Who Earns the Most?

Friday, September 16th, 2011

The focus on finances in the latest sports results pages has been obvious to even the most forgetful of sports 247 readers. In no small part this is because of the mass negotiations happening in Major League sports and in part because money has always been a big part of the game. When the Dodgers couldn’t make payroll and MLB stepped in, everybody noticed. When players’ incomes became a point of debate between players and owners, everyone noticed. Over the past decade there hasn’t been much of an increase for most sports leagues in terms of fans but while some teams are gathering more fans, plenty are losing fans in a bit way. If you look internationally you’ll see that soccer seems to be on top of the list of teams who are making it big quickly followed by US sports. Following are the top five highest earning teams of 2011….

1. Real Madrid: $592,000,000
2. FC Barcelona: $537,000,000
3. Manchester United: $432,000,000
4. New York Yankees: $441,000,000
5. Dallas Cowboys: $420,000,000

Amazing Play of the Week

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

One of the great things about sports is how often you get to watch somebody do something truly impressive. Whether you tune into 247 sports and read every last detail or only skim the highlights, chances are you’ve read a stat and thought “no way he did that!” or wondered how on earth the human body came to be capable of same great feat. Sometimes, however, a good play is just that – a good play – and if it so happens to set a record in the process, so be it.

Many watching the game or checking the latest sports results for the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers game were expecting to see a lot of press about Cam Newton. Newton played well, to be sure, but it was rookie Patrick Peterson who got most of the attention for the day. Peterson brought it home for a Cardinals win with a 89-yard record-breaking play. Part of what make this punt-turned-touchdown so entertaining to watch was the finish. Nearing the finish line Peterson obviously thought that he was in the clear and his stride turned into a little bit of a strut. All showboating was abruptly called off, however, when he realized that he was about to be taken out by Panther Mike Goodson. Peterson threw himself headfirst over the line for his touchdown in a dramatic moment, thus earning himself and the Cardinals a great victory.

Maybe Schools Will Shuffle…and Maybe Not

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

While it seemed that there was a lot of talk in the latest sports headlines about possible changes coming up, like Texas A&M’s hopeful move to the SEC, it looks a bit dicey as to whether or not those changes are as forthcoming as was thought. Texas A&M’s move may be blocked by a potential lawsuit by Baylor. You may recall back when Miami and Boston College were sued back in 2003 as they tried to move to the ACC – and that lawsuit failed. That doesn’t mean that precedent is set, however, and this could go either way.

Meanwhile the PAC-10 has announced that actually, it’s just fine at 12, thank you very much. If you’ve been paying attention to 24 hour sports news for a few years then you know that the Pac-12 was recently the Pac-10 and seemingly in a big hurry to expand. They took in Colorado from the Big 12 and Utah from the Mountain West last year, and those weren’t the only teams they were after. Now that they are the Pac-12, however, it seems that they will be sitting tight and watching what happens with the Big 12 and the SEC before they decide whether or not to expand their own numbers once more.

Rain Washes Out Sports

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The latest tropical storm to make landfall has certainly caused its share of flooding and destruction, and it also brought the world of sports to a halt. The slow moving front is headed northward, so expect to see some delays as it continues to bring its rainy grey skies and wind on up the country.

All of the Tuesday matches at the French Open were canceled due to the weather, including matches between Donald Young and Andy Murray and John Isner and Gilles Simon.

Rain soaked Atlanta, which actually suffered from tornado damage as well, is seeing numerous weather-related cautions slow things down at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Of course, the rain didn’t wash everyone. The Maryland – Miami game went on as scheduled and the Terrapins won the day 32-24. It was coach Randy Edsall’s first win as Maryland’s head coach. While Edsall took none of the credit for the victory, he certainly deserves some of it, as his team-effort approach has clearly paid off for the team. His players shone, especially Danny O’Brien, Cameron Chism and Nick Ferrara.

NBA Owners and Players to Be Talking More

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

You don’t have to keep up with sports 24 7 to know that a full NBA season in 2011-2010 is only possible if the two sides come together on an agreement sometime soon. Both the players and the owners are acutely aware of this fact, and they are also aware that the effect will be further reaching than just owners and players, but the entire communities in which the teams operate. After a six hour meeting for only the second time since the lockout began on July 1, both sides seem to be presenting a united front to the outside world despite their differences. It would seem that the value of keeping the talks at the table has been recognized. Neither side cares to comment on their position, the opposing position, or how far they are from reaching an agreement. Considering that training camp would normally start on October 1st, that means a month remains for owners and players to find a peaceful accord or begin sacrificing some of the season. Their silence outside the negotiating room is likely a good sign for progress within the room, so stay tuned to the latest sports headlines for any further announcements.

Three Grand Slams in One Game!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Among the latest sports results buzzing around online today are the details of the Yankees 22-9 record breaking win. Teammates Robinson Cano, Russell Martin and Curtis Granderson each hit a grand slam, the first time that three grand slams have been hit in a single game. The nine inning game was certainly the longest of the season and was in fact only 14 minutes shorter then the longest game every played in MLB. A close look at many of the other game stats will reveal that many of the numbers haven’t been seen since the ’20s and ’30s! It was certainly not your average game.

The death of Mike Flanagan, who was honored with a moment of silence at the record-breaking Yankee-Athletics game, has officially been deemed a suicide. Flanagan, winner of the Cy Young award in 1973, helped the Orioles win the World Series in 1983 and who later became a coach and a commentator was a beloved player and figure in the world of Baltimore Baseball.

In other Yankee news, on the very day that the Yankees open a five-day series with the Orioles, A-Rod will be meeting with MLB representatives to discuss his involvement in a high-stakes poker game. 24 hour sports fans may remember the game which took place back in 2009, the illegality of which may be in question.

United States Will Not Bid on 2020 Olympics

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Chicago, Dallas, and New York were the cities who had expressed interest in bidding for the 2020 Olympics, but that isn’t going to happen, much to the disappointment of sports 24 7 fans in those cities.  The U.S. Olympic committee was apparently unable to work out a revenue-sharing deal in time for a bid to go in.  Thus far, there are four official bids:  Rome, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Tokoyo, Japan; and Istanbul, Turkey.  There are also numerous other potential bids from countries including Kenya, Morocco, India, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Australia, and Qatar.

Africa has never hosted an Olympics before, which makes them an interesting prospect, especially considering comments from the IOC about an African bid being a strong contender.  Cairo, Egypt was expected to make a bid, but the fate of that bid remains unknown considering the political unrest following the past year’s revolution.

If the 2020 Summer Games went to…

  • Africa, it would be the first games held there.
  • North America, it would 24 years since the Atlanta games
  • Oceania, it would be 20 years since the Sydney games
  • Asia, it would be 12 years since the Beijing games
  • Europe, it would be 8 years since the London games
  • South America, it would be 4 years since the Rio de Janeiro games

NCAA Football News

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

The latest sports headlines concerning NCAA Football include:

Georgia Tech has announced within their deadline that they plan to appeal the NCAA’s sanctions which include the vacation of their 2009 ACC football championship, four years probation, and a $100,000 fine for failure to cooperate in an investigation. The incidences in question were a student who had received advance information about an interview and a student who was allowed to play despite his known questionable eligibility.

247 sports fans know that UNC is now looking for both a new football coach as well as a new athletic director. Dick Baddour says that he is doing what is best by the school in stepping down from his position, stating that he will remain in the position until the school hires a new athletic direction so that the new AD will hire their own coach rather than inherit a newly-hired coach. Baddour, who is serving the last year of a three-year contract extension will then serve out the rest of his contract in a different position.

The Big 12′s athletic directors have agreed on a one-year moratorium on broadcasting any high school content and hope to make the conversation nationwide. Recruiting and publicity certainly make the issue a sticky one for the NCAA.

Short Blurbs For 247 Sports Fans

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

After many years together, Tiger Woods and caddy Steve Williams will be splitting up. While the split seems amicable, one has to wonder how relevant Tiger Woods is, having not won an event since he made headlines in 2009 with a car crash and tales of his infidelities. Woods is currently ranked 20th in the world.

Meanwhile, there is one team in the latest sports headlines that is getting a little positive attention for a change. The Pittsburgh Pirates are doing well this season, well enough that they are leading the NL Central, in fact. For the first time in almost two decades the Pirates are leading their division and this is doing a great deal to rebuild their relationship with fans. Team president Frank Coonelly reports that the team will be considering adding players both before and after the deadline.

The presidents of all eight Ivy League schools have, with their latest agreements, put themselves in a leadership position when it comes to safety. Ivy League football teams will now be allowed only two full-contact practices per week in an effort to reduce the number of concussive and subconcussive hits. The NCAA currently allows five full-contact practices per week.

Buster Posey’s Unfortunate Injury

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Well, Sports 24 7 fans, it is happening:  LeBron James is heading to the NBA Finals in his first year with the Miami Heat.  While some are looking at the Heat vs Mavericks finals as a rematch from their meeting in the 2006 finals, it’s important to remember that only two players per team have carried through.  These teams are new, they have fresh energy, and each has it’s own unique strengths.  The 2011 playoffs may well be a long one as these teams match skills, strength and endurance.
If you’ve been watching the news for the latest sports results for baseball, then you may have seen the clip of Buster Posey being carried off the field after a collision with Scott Cousins.  It was a home plate collision much like any other:  Posey was forward on the base and Cousins plowed into him in what everyone agrees was a legal move.  The move happens to have fractured tibula and several severely ligaments.  Posey will face surgery, potentially a pin in his ankle, and be off the field for at least six to eight weeks.  What happened wasn’t illegal, but some want it to be.  Catchers take hits harder than NFL players, and without padding.  Giants manager Bruce Bochy is asking that the rule be changed to protect the players, and debates rage on forums as to whether or not the rules should change or not. Some think runners should slide into home, others pitchers should stay out of the base path unless they want to be hit.