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2011 NFL Injuries

Friday, September 30th, 2011

As Sports 24 7 fans already know there have been numerous injuries this year that have left teams feeling a little more challenged than they were hoping to be at this point in the season. The Chiefs, for example, are down Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jaamal Charles for the rest of the year.

Earlier this year that were concerns that there would be more season-ending injuries this year as a result of the lack of training camp workouts. Less training seemed dangerous to some, but it would seem that this wasn’t really the case. It may even be that veterans are staying healthier than usual because they had more of a break before heading into the season.

As with most things that have to do with the latest sports results, there is one surefire way to be sure and that is to check the stats. At this time last year there were 142 players on IR (injured reserve) and this year there are only 130. It’s not drastic, but it’s certainly a big enough difference to take note of. What will be interesting to compare will be how players perform – are they up to their usual standards without the pre-season training or will see see an accross-the board drop in performance as well. Certainly it will be an interesting thing to follow up on.

Briefs From the NFL

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Quick notes from the latest sports headlines…

  • Ryan Kalil is slated to become the highest paid center in the NFL as of his his new contract with The Carolina Panthers.  Kalil’s six year contract is apparently worth $49 million.
  • The Chiefs may not have Jonathon Baldwin during the preseason due to a wrist injury sustained during a lock-room fight with well-liked veteran Chiefs player Thomas Jones.  No statement has been released detailing the reason for the fight.
  • The Giant’s Osi Umenyiora has decided to go ahead with arthroscopic surgery on his right knee now to in the hopes of avoiding trouble in the middle of the season.
  • Union representatives will be meeting with HGH testing experts next week to discuss the anti-doping drug tests next week in order to move forward with the proposed labor deal including such blood tests.

NFL Announces New HGH Testing Protocols

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

With the technology now in place the NFL will likely begin testing players, year-round, for performance enhancing drugs. These tests will be done on game day in as noninvasive manner as possible and all players will be constantly eligible for testing. That is to say that during the pre-season, game season as well as during the off-season, random HGH tests (via a blood test) will be administered.

The testing will fit in with the current steroid policy. If all of the discussions go well and agreements are met the new policy will go into affect on September 8th. This policy is a part of the new collective bargaining agreement between players and owners and is designed to maintain the standards of competition in the sport and in the league.

All Hail, Football Returns!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Well, Sports 24 7 fans, we are finally at that point. You know, the point where we can stop talking about an NFL lockout (ok, well except for this one post) and start talking about the upcoming NFL season. The agreement has been signed, the season is on, and football fans have a season to look forward to. Of course, so much of the talk recently has been about the two sides, and if you are reading the latest sports headlines, it isn’t exactly clear who won and who lost.

Actually, there is one clear loser in the bunch: rookies and their agents. The salary cap on rookies might harsh a few buzzes, but it shouldn’t be too big of an issue on the larger scale.

There are those who say the owners have won because really, how could they not? They have been planning this for years and they had experienced litigators and negotaters on their side. They also had the ability to calmly sit the season out and wait for the deal they wanted. On the other hand, there are those who feel that the players have come out ahead. It may have been DeMaurice Smith’s first time leading the players through the process, but he turned out to be quick witted and powerful in the role. Players certainly will benefit from the lifelong insurance that a job in the NFL will provide them with as a result of these negotiations.

At the end of the day the NFL is one of the few industries that isn’t held back by a flagging economy and in going forward with the coming season, many stand to benefit. The lip service of the fans being the real winners in this situation is exactly that. It is lip service and fans can ignore it because it was never about them, it was always about the money.

Hope for the NFL

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

It’s been well over a hundred days of lockout and training camps are slated to begin in just a few weeks. Fortunately, the latest sports headlines report that it looks like a deal may indeed be reached in time to save the 2011 season. Talks will continue this week and as of now it looks as if all sides might be able to settle on an agreement by July 21st. While many believe that the current deal will be ratified and that the owner’s meeting in Atlanta, Georgia will seal the deal, some sources also warn that the players may have made all the concessions they are willing to make.

When the lockout ends, there will be a timeline of events involving a lot of education on the new set of rules. Free agency, roster limits and all of these details will follow the ratification of the agreement. Very likely there would be specific dates so that all the roster transactions that normally would have taken place over the past few months will fit into the short time between the signing of the agreement and the beginning of the season. Sports 24 7 fans, there may be a season to look forward to after all!

A Moment of Celebration

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Even though the Super Bowl took place months ago, it was last night, Thursday June 16th, that players finally got to celebrate and don their rings…or should that be bling?  The labor situation remains unresolved, and players and owners are not supposed to have contact with one another but all that was put away for the evening.  The NFL granted special permission to the Packers to host their event, which was a private ceremony at Lambeau Field.  Mike McCarthy, Packers coach commented, “Everybody’s been separated too long.  It’s great to see everybody on a personal level.”

The ring itself certainly qualifies as bling, as it’s platinum and all but covered in diamonds – thirteen to represent each of the team’s championships and four for each of their Super Bowl wins.  With rings on their fingers and a feeling of celebration in the air, players tweeted out to the world their celebration of the game, and for a moment, all anxiety faded to the background.  While the latest sports results may soon fill back up with litigation, breaks like this are important and help everyone to see clearly, if even just for a moment.

24 hour sports fans may also have noticed a few other bits of NFL news lately, including a three-day team workout held by the Chiefs, further details on Osi Umenyiora’s contract woes (he claims an agreed-upon renegotiation never occurred) and the fact that a few NFL players’ images (which while in their jersey are under copyright) are being used for the Exxxotica Expo 2011, apparently without some of the players’ consent…not that it would be kosher had they given it in the first place!

NFL: Tensions are Mounting…

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

With Miami up 2-1 against Dallas, tensions are mounting.  Lebron James has caught some heat in the past few days since Saturday from folks who are looking at his stats from the fourth quarter and comparing his game to Wade’s.  It may be that life in the latest sports results isn’t as kind once the big name comparisons start happening.  Regardless, if Dallas wins game four, things are going to get interested.

In other 247 sports news, the 76s talks of sale are ongoing, not that most people ever knew they were up for sale in the first place.  The Sixers are currently owned by Comcast-Spectator.  Meanwhile the Golden State Warriors are taking on Mark Jackson as a coach.  Jackson had a 17 year career, holds third place for most assists and played under five Hall of Fame Coaches during his career.  This will be Jackson’s first coaching position.

NFL Lockout Continued…

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Thursday June 2nd was day 79 of the NFL lockout, making it officially the longest lockout in NFL history.   On Wednesday and Thursday, the NFL and NFLPA sat down to talk in Chicago.   The meetings were very much a secret, to the point that there were NFL owners who were not aware they were taking place.  The mediation took place in front of Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan, a federal mediator.  The results may be apparent in Friday’s scheduled hearing in St Louis to take place in front of the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals.

In NBA news, Dirk Nowitzki will be wearing a splint on his finger for game two of the finals having torn a tendon in his middle left finger.  Neither Dirk nor his teammates are showing much concern about the situation.  Dirk has acknowledged that while it might not affect his shooting too much, that handling the ball may be more challenging.  The extend of that challenge will be seen on the court Thursday night.  For now, at least, he’s in 100%

Sick of the Lockout Yet?

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Surely you’re tired of hearing about the NFL lockout.  247 Sports fans would, as a rule, much prefer to hypothesize about the teams’ potentials for the coming season, not whether there is going to even be a season.  Ok, so what if we talked about the NBA lockout as well?  Ok, ok, it’s not that bad.  Yet.  In what could be a disturbing trend of lockouts and litigation where there should be games, the NBA player’s union has filed a suit claiming that team owners are not negotiating with them fairly.  In this case, the players union is seeking an injunction that would prevent the owners from imposing a lockout at the end of the term for the current collective bargaining agreement.  That term ends on June 30th.  It is assumed that the courts will move forward quickly with this given the timeline.  For now, kick back and enjoy the games.  Up next is game four of Miami v Bulls.

NFL 2011 League Good News

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Sports 247 fans are ready for good news from the NFL league. All involved, from owners to players to fans agree that the 2011 season should proceed- it’s just the how that is presenting so much trouble. Although the league is already searching out a new and friendly court venue, this morning, Friday, saw players returning to training facilities. For the first time in far too long coaches and players have been allowed to work together, and playbooks have been passed out. Some dozen Carolina Panthers players were seen entering the stadium this morning to meet with new coach Ron Rivera. Included in the dozen were Jimmy Clausen, quarterback, who is surely interested in learning what will become of his job now that the Panthers have drafted Cam Newton of Auborn with the number one overall pick on Thursday night.


Jake Scott, the team player’s representative for the Tennessee Titans has been met the past few days by armed guards, but met with an unlocked gate Friday for the first time. Now that the case is heading to the 8th U.S. Court of Appeals in St Louis, we’re all back to checking the latest sports headlines for updates. Until then, however, it’s back to the field. The longer the lockout is lifted, the better this season will be for rookies and new drafts who have entered the league in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.