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Lockout For the NBA

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The latest sports results for the NBA these days just reads “lockout.” After failing to reach an agreement, lockout will officially begin when the CBA expires at midnight. This will be the first lockout since the 1998-99 season. In that lockout the season was reduced to fifty games, and was the only time that a season has been shortened because of a lockout. For those who have been keeping up with sports 24 7 this year’s lockout isn’t entirely unexpected as it seemed there was very little that either side was willing to compromise on. What does this mean for 24 hour sports fans? Well, there won’t be a summer league, there are no preseason games in Europe and what players will do about the Olympic qualifying tournaments is yet to be decided. Without the NBA, players would be on their own in terms of insurance, making injury a much greater risk.

So far, players and owners are committed to continuing negotiation rather than taking it to the courts as the NFL has done. Where it goes from here nobody knows. Owners who invest and lose money don’t just want to stop the losses, they want to make money, and NBA players aren’t interested in accepting any more salary caps than already exist. And of course, there are a lot more people making their living from the NBA then just the players, too. While speculation is already rising about which teams could benefit from a shorter season and which might be hurt by it, the real issue at hand is whether there is enough common ground between owners and players to get through to an agreement so that there can be a season. Of course, a lot more is lost if they don’t play at all….

2011′s NBA Draft

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Despite predictions that the NBA draft would be a bit duller than usual given the lack of stand-out talent to create a big buzz, it seems that most fans were more than entertained and interested, in part due to a large number of deals that went through. The NBA may be a week away from a work stoppage but that didn’t stop speculation about the year’s upcoming teams. Items of note:

Kyrie Irving, a graduate of Duke University was the No. 1 pick only moments after the draft started. After an injury that kept him seated for most of the season (Irving played only 11 games this past year), the freshman guard was thrilled to be chosen first and expressed a great deal of excitement about getting to Cleveland and embracing the team and fans there. Irving is the first AAC pick since 1999 (Duke’s Elton Brand) and the ninth overall.

There were an unusually large number of international players drafted this year, including a record four who did not play at a U.S. college or university. There were six international players drafted overall, including Lithuania’s Jonas Valanciunus who went fifth and Czech Republic’s Jan Vesely who went sixth. The Congo’s Bismack Biyombo went seventh as part of a three-way deal between Charlotte, Milwaukee, and Sacramento.

As a result of the three-way deal, it was a long wait – about two and a half hours – for Jimmer Fredette to learn that he would be heading to Sacramento to play for the Kings.

The Minnesota Timerberwolves took Derrick Williams as the #2 pick and announced that fans would see him in a Timerwolve’s uniform next year- no trades are happening there!

Done is Done

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Now that everything is wrapped up, at least when it comes to the latest sports results for the NBA finals, we can look back and say definitively that this year, 2011, the Mavericks were the superior team.  While the Heat had the talk going, the super-star duo and a lot riding on their game, at the end of the day, that just isn’t enough.  Dirk is getting the credit he is due, and to be fair, he’s also sharing it heartily with his team.  His emotional response will not be forgotten by fans for a long time coming.
So, to recap:
Game One:  Heat 92 / Mavericks 84
Game Two:  Mavericks 95 / Heat 93
Game Three:  Heat 88 / Mavericks 86
Game Four:  Mavericks 86 / Heat 83
Game Five: Mavericks 112 / Heat 103
Game Six:  Mavericks 1-5 / Heat 95
What’s next for those keeping up with sports 24 7?  Well, more “secret” NFL talks are taking place, so this might land a deal worth talking about.  More likely then that, however is that it’s soon to be summer.  It’s time for baseball.  It’s time for looking at up and coming prospects, speculating on issues such as whether Dereck Jeter will let himself land on the DL or if he’ll push forward to get that 3000th hit in Yankee Stadium.  Stay tuned!

Game Five Results

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Slightly more than 70% of teams who leave a 2:2 tie in the lead go on to win the finals.  If the numbers run as expected, the Dallas Mavericks have a better-than-good shot at winning the finals this year.  Dirk Nowitzki was in top form for game five, no fever this time, and it showed.  Scoring 29 of the 112 points to win, Dirk was certainly a key player, and one who has gotten a great deal less attention than Miami’s superplayer duo.  That’s alright with Dirk, though.  The tall German is all about results, and he’s getting them.
The Heat and the Mavs head to Miami now, and while the hometurf advantage can help, it’s unlikely that the Heat is suddenly going to develop a strong resistance to the driving power of the Mavs.  LeBron James, who stated that game five was the most important game in his career to date, did not bring it as strongly as was needed.  Dwayne Wade, who scored a team high of 23 points is clearly hurting.  At one point during the game, Wade was seen down on his back on the court with a towel over his face due to pain in his hip. With LeBron under-performing, the Heat needs Wade more than ever.   His game face is good, and reports are that it is only bruising causing Wade’s hip pain.

Is Miami blowing their chance or are the Mavericks running the show?  If the Heat doesn’t win game six, it’s all over, and the Mavericks will have a lot to celebrate.

Is LeBron James the Next Great?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

This has been a year full of commentary about LeBron James.  His decision to head down to Miami, his two-star team dynamics and more.  As the victories keep rolling in the 24 hour sports news, some are beginning to compare his stats to those of the greats – like Michael Jordan – to see if there is any truth to this “greatest player” sentiment.  At the age of 26, it certainly isn’t over yet, and Lebron is certainly headed down a rosy career path if he continues to improve as he has.
And so, here we are at game one of the finals.  Dallas Mavericks vs the Miami Heat.  Can Dirk hold his own against Lebron and Wade?  While the stakes are enormously high for all, at the end of the day, Dirk has proven his mettle this year, shown that he can be calm, in control and focused and a loss, while disappointing, wouldn’t be nearly the loss as it would be Lebron, who left for Miami specifically to win here in the finals.

Latest Sports Results: NBA

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

A few awards went out this week, and the results were, for sports 24 7 fans, quite unsurprising.  The 2011 Coach of the Year is Tom Thibodeau of of the Chicago Bulls.  He is the fourth Bulls coach to receive this award, the most recent being Phil Jackson in 96, and the seventh coach ever to win the award as a rookie.  Meanwhile, the MVP Award went to Derrik Rose, who at 22 is the youngest to ever receive the award.  The last Bulls player to receive this award was Michael Jordan in 1998, who won five times total.

Lebron James, previous winner (two years in a row) of the MVP award has been presenting a united front with fellow Heat player Dywane Wade, even sitting down with the media together to discuss how their working relationship has helped lead to the Heat winning their first round against the Celtics.  While admitting that things are exactly “a bed of roses” the two were friends before they started playing together and having won 20 out of their last 24 games, whatever they are doing seems to be working.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks were able to swing their first game with the Lakers in their direction, winning 96-94.  Lakers player Kobe Bryant admitted that he was concerned after the game, saying “This team can beat us. It’s clear. We just have to come in ready to play Game 2.”