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MLB Updates

Thursday, October 13th, 2011
  • White Sox general manager Kenny Williams has revealed that Robin Ventura will be the team’s new manager. The offer apparently came as a surprise to Ventura who assumed that Ozzie Guillen was in line for the job, but apparently, Williams’ other main consideration was team captain Paul Konerko who would have been made a player-manager by the move. Ultimately Williams realized that Konerko would be split by the position and that the team would be better served to keep their skilled and capable captain focused on the game.
  • If you were wondering what happened to the Boston Red Sox last year, the word is out in the latest sports headlines. Apparently, there was a little too much partying going on…in the clubhouse. While we’re all used to athletes getting a little wild out there in the big bad world, it’s a whole other thing when you’ve got a trio of pitchers (Josh Beckett, John Lackey, and Jon Lester) hanging out drinking, eating and playing video games instead of supporting their teammates. Obviously, this was happening during games where they were not starting- there would have been a much bigger stink otherwise! There were other allegations that Terry Francona was distracted by personal issues, which he vehemently denies, but then, he’s moved on so it will be up to the players to prove that they can get their act together for the next season.
  • Sports 247 fans have embraced the Busch Stadium Squirrel/Rally Squirrel after the little fellow(s) made appearances at two games, including one who ran across home plate during the NL division series game between the Phillies and the Cardinals on the Wednesday before last. Rally squirrels and “Got Squirrel?” t-shirts are a new and humorous addition to fan paraphernalia this season, one which Cardinal’s Manager Tony La Russa supports because it shows the fans having fun. So far, four squirrels have been caught in humane traps and removed from the Busch Stadium.

Big Changes In Mets Coaching

Friday, October 7th, 2011

The 2012 lineup of Mets coaches under Terry Collin’s management is going to look quite a bit different then this year’s. Safe in their positions are pitching coach Dan Warthen and hitting coach Dave Hudgens. Changing will be bench coach Ken Oberkfell, first-base coach Mookie Wilson, third-base coach Chip Hale and bullpent coach Joh Debus. Hale, Wilson and Debus were all asked to stay on within the Mets organization. Hale chose instead to join manager Bod Melvin with whom he was previously paired with the Arizona Diamondbacks on the staff of the Oakland Athletics for a two-yea contract.

Known replacements are Tim Teufel who will become the third-base coach and Rick Bones who will become the bullpen coach. The vacancies in bench and first-base coach positions have been announced and are expected to be filled in the coming weeks. The Mets are looking for a bench coach with experience in that role. They have also stated that one of the reasons for the change up was that they were interested in having a pitching influence in the bullpen.

A Look at the Braves Tuesday Game

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The Braves’ recent win against the Giants has them one walk-off away from being tied with the Royals for the major league lead. As the latest sports results have shown, the Braves have done well. Currently at 72-51, they are second in the NL East. Highlights from this past game would certainly include starting pitcher Randall Delgado. Delgado, who will return to the minor leagues now that Jair Jurrjens is returning from being on disability leave, looked right at home on the field with the Braves and contributed greatly to their win, nearly pitching a no-hitter with no hits through the sixth inning.

If you’re tied in to the 247 sports feeds you may have already seen the footage of this play, but if not, check it out the double play in the forth. You’ll see Dan Uggla (second baseman) dropping to his knees to field a grounder, turning and throwing to second where Alex Gonzalez (shortstop) catches the ball and makes the relay through to first in midair. It isn’t just any midair leap though — Gonzalez did all this while leaping over the Giant’s Fontenot, who was the only player to make base, his via a walk, in the fourth.

Fan Falls to Death at Texas Rangers Game

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Shannon Scott, a 39 year-old Rangers fan and firefighter fell from the stands to his death after trying to catch a foul ball that Rangers pitcher Josh Hamilton threw up to the stands. Hamilton, himself a father, is absolutely devastated by the turn of events, especially the fact that Scott’s son was present at the game. A difficult situation for all, and certainly a loss that will be grieved.

The dangers of sports aren’t unknown to sports 247 fans, although usually the danger is to the players, not the fans. Earlier this summer, tragedy struck at a Little League game when a thirteen year-old player was struck by a ball that hit directly over his heart, stopping his heart in a fatal accident. The latest sports headlines at the time reported that Hayden Walton had turned to bunt and was hit in the chest by the inside pitch.

MLB’s Latest Sports Headlines

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Derek Jeter may see his 3,000th hit in New York after all. Jeter, who has been out with a strained right calf began a running program on Monday. After practice where he was seen batting, doing agility drills and light sprints, Jeter told the Associated Press that “everything’s good.” Now that Jeter is back to running, he could be going into a minor league rehab assignment as early as later this week. The Yankees will likely stick to tradition and work Jeter back into the line-up slowly and carefully. If Jeter were to return on July 4th, it is entirely possible for him to become the first Yankee to hit 3,000 as he only has six hits yet to go.

On the opposite coast, McCourt has made a power play to keep control of the Los Angeles Dodgers by filing bankruptcy. The way it works is this – because McCourt was going to be unable to meet payroll and that is reason for MLB to step in, he instead took it to the courts. For those drawing a blank, McCourt and his wife are divorcing and the Dodgers are caught up in the crossfire. By filing bankruptcy, McCourt hopes to convince the judge that he should remain behind the reins, likely by demonstrating that he has interim finances that would allow him to successfully run the team while the issues are sorted out. After turning down a multi-billion dollar TV contract, there is talk that it is actually exactly such a contract that will be needed to keep the team solvent. Meanwhile, plenty of sports 24 7 fans are hoping that the court rules against McCourt. A new owner for the Dodgers could mean many things for 247 sports fans, so stay tuned.