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Buster Posey’s Unfortunate Injury

Well, Sports 24 7 fans, it is happening:  LeBron James is heading to the NBA Finals in his first year with the Miami Heat.  While some are looking at the Heat vs Mavericks finals as a rematch from their meeting in the 2006 finals, it’s important to remember that only two players per team have carried through.  These teams are new, they have fresh energy, and each has it’s own unique strengths.  The 2011 playoffs may well be a long one as these teams match skills, strength and endurance.
If you’ve been watching the news for the latest sports results for baseball, then you may have seen the clip of Buster Posey being carried off the field after a collision with Scott Cousins.  It was a home plate collision much like any other:  Posey was forward on the base and Cousins plowed into him in what everyone agrees was a legal move.  The move happens to have fractured tibula and several severely ligaments.  Posey will face surgery, potentially a pin in his ankle, and be off the field for at least six to eight weeks.  What happened wasn’t illegal, but some want it to be.  Catchers take hits harder than NFL players, and without padding.  Giants manager Bruce Bochy is asking that the rule be changed to protect the players, and debates rage on forums as to whether or not the rules should change or not. Some think runners should slide into home, others pitchers should stay out of the base path unless they want to be hit.

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