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Big Changes In Mets Coaching

The 2012 lineup of Mets coaches under Terry Collin’s management is going to look quite a bit different then this year’s. Safe in their positions are pitching coach Dan Warthen and hitting coach Dave Hudgens. Changing will be bench coach Ken Oberkfell, first-base coach Mookie Wilson, third-base coach Chip Hale and bullpent coach Joh Debus. Hale, Wilson and Debus were all asked to stay on within the Mets organization. Hale chose instead to join manager Bod Melvin with whom he was previously paired with the Arizona Diamondbacks on the staff of the Oakland Athletics for a two-yea contract.

Known replacements are Tim Teufel who will become the third-base coach and Rick Bones who will become the bullpen coach. The vacancies in bench and first-base coach positions have been announced and are expected to be filled in the coming weeks. The Mets are looking for a bench coach with experience in that role. They have also stated that one of the reasons for the change up was that they were interested in having a pitching influence in the bullpen.

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