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Amazing Play of the Week

One of the great things about sports is how often you get to watch somebody do something truly impressive. Whether you tune into 247 sports and read every last detail or only skim the highlights, chances are you’ve read a stat and thought “no way he did that!” or wondered how on earth the human body came to be capable of same great feat. Sometimes, however, a good play is just that – a good play – and if it so happens to set a record in the process, so be it.

Many watching the game or checking the latest sports results for the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers game were expecting to see a lot of press about Cam Newton. Newton played well, to be sure, but it was rookie Patrick Peterson who got most of the attention for the day. Peterson brought it home for a Cardinals win with a 89-yard record-breaking play. Part of what make this punt-turned-touchdown so entertaining to watch was the finish. Nearing the finish line Peterson obviously thought that he was in the clear and his stride turned into a little bit of a strut. All showboating was abruptly called off, however, when he realized that he was about to be taken out by Panther Mike Goodson. Peterson threw himself headfirst over the line for his touchdown in a dramatic moment, thus earning himself and the Cardinals a great victory.

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