Sports 247


As sports enthusiasts, we know how important it is to have a source for the latest sports results that is reliable and current. Checking the latest sports headlines online is something that can also be done from a phone, which makes it easier to tune into sports 24 7. Each day, a full 24 hour sports news report, gathered from across the country can be overwhelming by the sheer volume of information. In part, it helps to specialize- to know what you are interested in and where to go for that information. Major league sports are probably the easiest to follow, but there are more and more people following other sports as well, including golf, mixed martial arts, etc. By having a website to visit, you won’t be stuck looking for a TV or waiting to see the results in the paper. Inherent with this service is the ability to just pop on, get the information you are looking for and be on your way to your daily tasks when you want to check the scores but don’t have much time.

Loving sports is about more than just the competition and the game- although obviously those who are into 247 sports are going to be watching with interest to see the results- but sports mean more to us, both on an individual level and culturally. Being a sports fan is being part of a family. The sense of camaraderie, whether it is a shared favorite team or just the love of the game, it is a bond that brings people from all different walks of life together. It is a past-time that links people, and gives a sense of belonging to a greater community. That sense of belonging is essential for well-being- we all want to feel that we belong, and when the commonality is being a sports fan, it becomes an easy and instant connection. Of course, that healthy sense of competition it encourages can bolster that “team” feeling as well. Competition is a part of our lives, and the love of sports as a participant or devoted fan is entirely acceptable and even encouraged as a healthy outlet.

Sports 247 was created as a place for the latest scores and sports headlines to be posted that will keep everyone up to date, and a place to discuss sports with like-minded fans. Being sports fans ourselves, we understand the value of having such a place, and aim to be a trusted space for the latest sports results, headlines and news. Beyond the scores of who won, many also will want to check in on individual player’s stats. While many people do this out of interest, there is also the growing field of Fantasy Sports which has made this information much more in demand as player’s current season performance is monitored and used as part of the fantasy games.