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A Moment of Celebration

Even though the Super Bowl took place months ago, it was last night, Thursday June 16th, that players finally got to celebrate and don their rings…or should that be bling?  The labor situation remains unresolved, and players and owners are not supposed to have contact with one another but all that was put away for the evening.  The NFL granted special permission to the Packers to host their event, which was a private ceremony at Lambeau Field.  Mike McCarthy, Packers coach commented, “Everybody’s been separated too long.  It’s great to see everybody on a personal level.”

The ring itself certainly qualifies as bling, as it’s platinum and all but covered in diamonds – thirteen to represent each of the team’s championships and four for each of their Super Bowl wins.  With rings on their fingers and a feeling of celebration in the air, players tweeted out to the world their celebration of the game, and for a moment, all anxiety faded to the background.  While the latest sports results may soon fill back up with litigation, breaks like this are important and help everyone to see clearly, if even just for a moment.

24 hour sports fans may also have noticed a few other bits of NFL news lately, including a three-day team workout held by the Chiefs, further details on Osi Umenyiora’s contract woes (he claims an agreed-upon renegotiation never occurred) and the fact that a few NFL players’ images (which while in their jersey are under copyright) are being used for the Exxxotica Expo 2011, apparently without some of the players’ consent…not that it would be kosher had they given it in the first place!

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