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A Look at the Braves Tuesday Game

The Braves’ recent win against the Giants has them one walk-off away from being tied with the Royals for the major league lead. As the latest sports results have shown, the Braves have done well. Currently at 72-51, they are second in the NL East. Highlights from this past game would certainly include starting pitcher Randall Delgado. Delgado, who will return to the minor leagues now that Jair Jurrjens is returning from being on disability leave, looked right at home on the field with the Braves and contributed greatly to their win, nearly pitching a no-hitter with no hits through the sixth inning.

If you’re tied in to the 247 sports feeds you may have already seen the footage of this play, but if not, check it out the double play in the forth. You’ll see Dan Uggla (second baseman) dropping to his knees to field a grounder, turning and throwing to second where Alex Gonzalez (shortstop) catches the ball and makes the relay through to first in midair. It isn’t just any midair leap though — Gonzalez did all this while leaping over the Giant’s Fontenot, who was the only player to make base, his via a walk, in the fourth.

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