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Basketball: At Least Somebody Gets to Play

Here it is July, and what are we missing in the latest sports headlines? Well, basketball, and not because the playoffs are over and the drafts are complete and all the teams are tucked away in practice leaving us to contemplate the coming year’s season. It is July, and the free agency period did not come. Free agents may be the first casualty of the lockout, but Hall of Fame player Charles Barkely has stated that he does not believe there will be a season at all. Dreary, right?

Of course, not every player is sitting out the season. Here’s a unique story: those 247 sports fans who follow college basketball may remember Jon Scheyer. A former Duke Blue Devil, Sheyer led his team to a national championship in 2010 and received high praise from Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski who said that Scheyer was one of the best players he has ever coached. Notable, to say the least. Scheyer was passed over in the draft and later suffered an eye injury during the Miami Heat’s summer league. The story isn’t over for our former Blue Devil guard, however. Scheyer will not only be changing teams, he’ll be changing countries. Maccabi Tel Aviv is a team with five European championship titles who lost only a single game in their last season. While they do have a cap on the number of foreign players they can have on their team, Scheyer won’t count among them due to the fact that he qualifies for citizenship based on his religion. Those who have been following Scheyer’s progress as a player will now have to look for the latest sports results from the international playing field.

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